Why EEMMI exists?

Choosing Matchmaking company can be a frustrating and complicated process. To know how to begin, how to do the research that needs to be done, which questions to ask, how to avoid companies with bad reputation and so on.

E.E. Matchmaking Institution helps single men to connect with certified experts, who have knowledge and experience in providing honest straight forward services. No matter what your needs are or what type of advice you are seeking for, you will be connected with a right company who knows how to help and EEMMI will make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

The services provided by agencies are particularly personal ones, and it is very important that customers having problems with the services can have access to Support department and get into procedures for resolving the problems.

High level of dedication to the client and his needs is first requirement to every certified member of EEMMI.

All members are required to prove their status of certified Member on Annual verification.

Original EEMMI seal

The seal ensures that the company you are dealing with is accredited member and has agreed to uphold EEMMI code of ethics.